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About 153 Industries

We bring our clients the absolute finest, cutting edge insights. Advancing individuals and businesses past blocks and hurdles holding them back.


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Ed O'Connor has spent his career as a high-performing individual. Continually testing himself in every area of American life. Ed takes calculated risks in his personal pursuit of refinement and excellence. With a proven track record of winding up on his feet and in the drivers seat, he has formulated and coalesced principles and techniques to get repeatable results. His earliest dreams on shores of the lakes and streams of New Hampshire fostered a desire to be like a young Indian Scout, riding bareback, shooting bow and arrow at prey and living inspired by the wilderness, carefree. From those childish dreams to reality, Ed would become a modern day warrior. 22 years in the Marine Corps as a Fighter-Pilot, he mastered the Art of War inside $65 million F/A-18 Hornets. Completing his career as a Marine Top Gun Adversary Instructor, his skills were honed, not only airborne, but also from his secondary jobs in the Corps. Those specialities encompassed Intelligence, Logistics, Operations and Maintenance.


Whether you want individual training or group training, Ed is ready to commit to blazing your path to freedom. There is nothing Ed is more passionate about than showing people how to break through limitations. His life, his passion and his work is now simply to liberate those seeking clarity on their road to freedom. 




Identifying, breaking through and overcoming limitations is not for the faint of heart, but reserved for those true pioneers of personality, dedicated to finding within themselves, their Divine Purpose and God’s Earth Shattering Truth.

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